i work from the place between things >>>





absence - solid


between things are in flux - like whatever, continuous movement that at one


point or another should (usually) terminate.


definitions of categorical states of existence come and go, leaving the viewer to describe the material, process of manipulation or constructed situations i build in order derive meaning.

relational pairs

‘any minor world that breaks apart falls together again…’

like it always does

like it always does

like it always does


i want to see all things for what they are and what they could or will be – like whatever.

these descriptions come from duplication, re-enactments and tethering the real in another version of the real.  the here and now, it IS what it IS sometimes. but it always IS somewhere.

just sometimes the viewer becomes what it IS.

just sometimes the objects allow the viewer to be what it



Curriculum Vitae


    Master of Fine Arts, Pennsylvania State University                                                               2010

    Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Delaware                                                                       2007



Annex Gallery, Lancaster PA                                                                                                       2013

Chesapeake Gallery, Bel Air, MD                                                                                                2011

Zoller Gallery, University Park, PA                                                                                             2010


Unsmoke Systems, Pittsburgh PA                                                                                             2017

Practice Gallery, Philadelphia PA                                                                                              2017

The Banana Factory, Bethlehem PA                                                                                         2017

Kronstadt, St. Petersburg Russia                                                                                               2016

Circle Gallery, Annapolis, MD                                                                                                    2016

Honfleur Gallery, Washington DC                                                                                            2016

The Vicki, Newburgh NY                                                                                                           2016

Unity Gallery, IA                                                                                                                         2015

Vox Populi, Philadelphia PA                                                                                                       2015

White Space Gallery, Atlanta GA                                                                                              2015

Novella Gallery, NY NY                                                                                                              2015

Queer Culture Center, San Francisco CA                                                                                 2014

Pierre S. DuPont Gallery, Wilmington DE                                                                                2014

Little Berlin, Philadelphia PA                                                                                                   2014

Inewset Gallery, Philadelphia PA                                                                                               2013

Hancock Garage, Philadelphia PA                                                                                             2013

Street Road Gallery, Cochransville PA                                                                                      2012

The Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, Wilmington DE                                              2012

Sewickly Gallery, Pittsburgh PA                                                                                                 2012

The Headkeeper Gallery, Greensburg PA                                                                                  2012

Green Drake Gallery, Millheim PA                                                                                              2012

Globe Dye Works, Philadelphia PA                                                                                             2011

Rutgers University Gallery, New Brunswick NJ                                                                         2011

Indiana State University Gallery, IN                                                                                           2010

Lightwell Gallery, Denton TX                                                                                                     2010

MIAD Gallery, Milwaukee WI                                                                                                     2010

Eisenhower Theater, State College PA                                                                                     2010



·      June 2010 – The Vermont Studio Center, Johnson VT – 1 month stay

·      June 2009 – The Pajama Factory, Williamsport, PA – 6 week stay

·      April 2008 – The Vermont Studio Center, Johnson VT – 1 month stay

·      March 2008 – ArtCroft, Carlisle, KY – 2 weeks stay



·      The Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, Wilmington, DE                                      2012    

·      The Eisenhower Theater with the Kronos Quartet, State College PA                           2010



·      2010 The Joan Mitchell Foundation Fellowship, Vermont Studio Center Residency Funding

·      2010 Vermont Studio Center Full Fellowship Residency Funding

·      2010 Nominated for the Daedalus Foundation Fellowship in Painting and Sculpture

·      2009 and 2010 Nominated for the ISC Outstanding Student Achievement Award

·      2008 – 2010 Graduate Assistantship, Penn State University

·      2008 and 2009 Graham Robert Endowment Graduate Fellowship, Penn State University

·      2008 and 2009 Funds for Excellence in Graduate Recruitment (FEGR), Penn State University



·      2017    A4 Magazine, Issue 4

·      2016 – 2017 Blurb.com self-publication of several illustrated and photographic collections. http://www.blurb.com/user/jnetta

·      2017    art critical: the online magazine of art and ideas


·      2016    Emergency Index: An Annual Document of Performance Practice, Vol. 4

·      2016    m-est editor, digital publication https://m-est.org/2015/11/18/for-lo-futurity/

·      2016    The Exchange Archive. Digital publication http://www.theexchangearchive.com/application/artist?artist=Joe+Netta&offset=0

·      2014    Kaleidoscopes Magazine.


·      2012    Victoria Donohoe “Delaware Center Builds Worthy Show” The Philadelphia Inquirer Arts Section, May 4, 2012


·      2012    Darren White “Domestic Spaces Challenges the Concept of Home” Philadelphia Weekly Arts and Culture Section, May 2, 2012


·      2012    Libby Rosof and Roberta Fallon “ Buildings and Contraptions R Us – DCCA’s 2012 Gretchen Hupfel symposium” theartblog.org, April 1


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·      2009    “On Stage,” Center for the Performing Arts at Penn State, November 11, 2009, page1